Who We Are

In the mid -1990's, a creative and larger than life figure from Baltimore, Maryland, a spirited, creative, young American formed the Americans In Portugal club. Her name was Patricia Westheimer. The vision of Pat is embodied in the spirit of a community which embraces all Americans that come to live and work in Portugal and the many friends of any nationality which share American values and our way of life.

Community spirit, collaboration, embracing all faiths and races, transparency and democracy, these fundamental ethics were the guiding spirit of Pat and continue to be the objectives of the Americans In Portugal.

Many of the members of the Americans In Portugal are Portuguese and this is very positive as so many Americans have Portuguese roots, resident Portuguese have families in America and Portugal has been an ally of America from time immemorial.

The Americans In Portugal club promotes social and cultural events, lectures, local commemorations as well as celebrations of historic American dates. Dinners are scheduled to motivate social interaction between all members, bringing everyone together and promoting common objectives.

In line with tradition, we continue to maintain and offer a general orientation to new members coming to live in Portugal.  This is made possible by our diverse list of contacts, created over the years, which will indicate services rendered by third parties across a wide spectrum of activities.

The Americans in Portugal club through its website, email, and the Facebook page will keep all members advised of important happenings and important dates.  We welcome your ideas, suggestions and posts. Together we hope to build an even stronger community, dedicated to honoring the humanistic values we all believe in.

We look forward to your membership and participation.