Who We Are

Our Mission Statement

In the 1998, Patricia Westheimer, an American woman from Baltimore, Maryland formed the Americans In Portugal club. The vision of Pat was

“To provide a forum for the informal discussion of issues affecting Americans, their spouses and significant others living in Portugal

To create and sponsor programs that addresses these needs and issues

To disseminate information of importance to the American community in Portugal

To cooperate with other groups and organizations in Portugal and elsewhere having similar goals and objectives”

This mission, despite the untimely demise of Pat, has remained constant throughout the years of the existence of the club. This mission is embodied in the spirit of a community which embraces all Americans that come to live and work in Portugal and the many friends of any nationality which share American values and our way of life. Community spirit, collaboration, embracing all faiths and races, transparency and democracy, these fundamental ethics were the guiding spirit of Pat and continue to be the objectives of the club. To honor her legacy, we have changed the name of the club to Americans Living in Portugal, but everything else has remained the same.